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Jared’s early appearances 18 /40

8th Grade at James Madison High in San Antonio. 


Ai Weiwei (Chinese, b. 1957, Beijing) - 1: Boomerang, 2006  Glass Lustres, Plated Steel, Electrical Cables, Incandescent Lamps  2: Chandelier, 2002  Crystal, Scaffolding  3: Cube, 2008 The giant chandelier is made up of a cubical grid of metal tubing and thousands of small crystals.  4: Descending Light, 2007  Glass Crystal, Lights, and Metal  5: 1001 Wooden Doors and Windows from destroyed Ming and Qing Dynasty Houses (1368-1911), Wooden Base  6: Fountain of Light, 2007 Steel and Glass Crystals on a Wooden Base. Installation view at Ai Weiwei’s studio 2007  7: Grapes, 2008  17 Stools from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)  8: Descending Light, 2007 in the Andalusian Centre of contemporary art in Seville, 2013  9: Descending Light (detail), 2007 in the Andalusian Centre of contemporary art in Seville, 2013.


never forget that the iconic red shorts were accompanied by a fabulous matching tracksuit


Daniel Radcliffe's acceptance speech for the Man of the Year Glamour Award, 2013. (x)